Sleep like an angel.

There's no greater blessing than that of a newborn baby.  Whether it's your first or fourth, your life will be changed forever - in the best way possible.  You'll be in love immediately - and you'll find yourself doing nothing but staring at this new little life who has just entered the world.    


He has my          

sHe has my          

He's so                   

she's so                   

She has your         





  • A well fed baby is a happy baby so feed baby within 1/2 hour of coming to the studio. If you need to feed your baby upon arrival or during the session, we will take the time for you to do so. It will be very helpful for you to keep your baby awake from 1-2 hours prior to coming to the studio. While this can be challenging, it shouldn’t be stressful. However, keeping baby awake before the session increases the chances of your baby sleeping for most of the session. Unwrap baby, bathe baby, etc.
  • If your baby likes a bath, bathing baby before the session can wake him/her up.
  • For nursing moms, a bland diet starting 48 hours prior to the session can be helpful. Try to avoid spicy foods during this time.
  • Dress your baby in loose fitting clothes/onesies.  Nothing tight around baby’s arms, wrists, legs, ankles as they can leave red marks.
  • Bring extra diapers, spit up blankets, etc.
  • Bring extra formula if your baby uses a bottle.
  • Bring a pacifier if your baby uses one.


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Preparing For A Newborn Session

The legacy of a photograph is the moments that are important to us.

"I don't know how you do it, how you get the babies to be so perfect, cuddly, and cute!"