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On a trip to Europe the summer after graduating from high school, my grandfather loaned me his prized 35mm Minolta camera. The beauty I was able to capture through my love for photography - and my grandfather's generosity - is something I treasure. Our shared love for photography gave us a most special relationship. 

Through the years of raising four amazing kids and being blessed with 10 grandchildren, I've been able to travel to both learn -  and teach - my craft.  Along the way, I've made life long friends who probably don't realize how they inspired me to develop my style and the demands I put on myself to create photographs that I'm proud to offer my clients.  You know who you are.  :-)

But back to my grandkids for a minute... I never run out of willing subjects.  I've been known to offer a few bucks to one of them to move into better light before mom snaps their picture with her cellphone.  I just can't help myself!  I'm also assured of having a reliable team of assistants out on the soccer or baseball field for the next some years.

My hope is that you realize that where you are in life's journey is good enough for a picture and that I hear from you!



I'm Laurie and I'm so glad you're here!  I guess you'd like to know a little about me - I'm happy to share. I fell in love with photography early in life and I've loved it ever since. Everything about it. Portraits, flowers, landscape, animals, even the technical aspect of it. What speaks to my heart, though, is the laughter of a child, the tender look in an expectant mom's eyes, the sweet peace of a sleeping newborn baby. When I am behind the camera, there aren't many rules...after all, my studio - indoors and out - is a place where kids can be kids and smiles are in abundance.

Photography has been a part of my life for many years.  It was my eccentric high school photography teacher who taught me to love photography.  Little did I know that she would inspire me in such a way that it would one day be a bigger part of my life - and turn into my career.  I often think of her and wish she knew her impact on my life.   (Ms. Benoris, are you out there?  Clovis High School, back in the day...)

Hello there...

"Laurie's natural creativity comes through in everything she does, from decorating the rooms in her home to choosing sets and props for the subject of her photographs. The mother of four children and 10 grandchildren, Laurie is familiar with the ages and stages of raising a family and has an incredible ability to capture the essence of a moment with her camera. Her joy and love of life show in every photograph! From pregnancy to graduation to growing families, Laurie weaves a ribbon of memories for you to share and treasure. Her sensitivity will amaze you, her talent will impress you. Don't miss the opportunity to create timeless heirloom portraits with Laurie!"  ~Sheri P. 

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  • place to be is with my family.
  • other place to be is working in my yard.
  • food is Panda Express!
  • thing in the whole wide world is a nap on a Sunday afternoon.  Or any day.
  • childhood memory is getting my doll, Shaggy, for Christmas.  My second favorite memory is the next Christmas when I got a doll buggy for her!

My favorite...

  • I know the lyrics to every John Denver song he ever recorded.  Yeah, I know, that dates me but who cares.
  • I went skydiving on a whim.   Would I do it again?  I'll get back to you on that.  But it was a blast!
  • I play the banjo.  The most awesome instrument!
  • I'll try just about anything once.

Did you know that...

Laurie is an award-winning photographer and holds several internationally recognized degrees in the Photography Industry.  Those accomplishments are a result of many years of study and experience. "I am very proud of those degrees!  They took an enormous amount of time, dedication, and determination to earn.  You can be assured that I know my craft and will give the utmost attention to your photographic needs as we work together to create exactly what you dream of displaying in your home."

 ~ Achievements ~