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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you accept reservations?
A:  Yes. It is very important to schedule your session as soon as possible to make sure I have openings around your the time of year or specific date you have in mind.

Q:  Do you offer prints or digitals?
A:  My studio is a print-based studio.  That means that whatever Collection you purchase, you'll have your pictures in printed form.  Stay with me.  Do you realize how quickly time flies?  Today your newborn is 7 days old.  In 6 months she'll be sitting up, look entirely different, giggling, and drooling.  Where will you enjoy her as a newborn other than on your wall?  Certainly it will take effort to go back through your pictures online and find him from so long ago.  His newborn pictures have now been replaced with newer pictures.  Only through the printed photograph can you truly hold, value, and appreciate you or your family at this moment in time.

Q:   Where are you located?
A:  My studio is in Bishop, CA but many of my clients come from Mammoth Lakes, Big Pine, Lone Pine, Independence, the Los Angeles area, and even from out of state!

General questions

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Q:  Do I get any digital pictures?
A: I know we live in a digital era and I want you to share your beautiful pictures online! I am a print-based studio which means your order will include prints such as Wall Portraits, smaller prints, Mini-Accordian books, and so much more. I will provide you with web-quality digital copies of all of the poses that are ordered as a Print Collection or other printed product. All images you choose that are part of your Print Collection will be fully retouched (blemish removal, skin smoothing, color enhanced etc.) and ready for the world to see.  

Q:   How long before I get my pictures?
A:  Plan to place your order at the viewing session.  Once your order has been placed, you can expect your beautiful printed products within 3-4 weeks of ordering.

Q:   Where is the proofing session held?
A:  At my Bishop, CA studio.  On rare occasions when a proofing session can't be in person, we'll schedule it over Zoom.

Q:   How many pictures will I see?
A:  No doubt many pictures were taken at your session!  I carefully go through all of the pictures from your session and select a wide variety of poses for you to choose from.  Don't worry, you'll see plenty.

Q:   About how long is the viewing session?
A:  It depends on the the type of picture session, number of people in the images, and a few other things. You can plan on approximately 1 hour.

Viewing questions

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Q:  What do we wear for our portrait session?
A:  What a great question!  I suggest that you choose 2-3 colors found in nature (if it's an outdoor session).  I will gladly offer color suggestions as they will change from season to season.  I also have a Clothing Guide to send you once we schedule your session.

Q:  What time of day do you book sessions?
A:  For outdoor portraits, late afternoon/early evening - depending on the time of year.  Locals know we can experience 4 seasons in one day at various times throughout the year!

Q:  Do you offer digital images?
A:  My studio is a print based studio which means any pictures you purchase will be in the printed form.  That could be a framed/matted Wall Portrait, Metal Print, Canvas, or any of a wide variety of printed products.  Digital images are offered as part of one Print Collection only.  Complimentary social media images are provided with any purchased Collection.

Q:  How do we choose between studio and outdoors?
A:  This is really a personal preference.  Most people love outdoor portraits but it's not always feasible for one reason or another.  I have a lovely studio where we can make portraits that are just as beautiful.

Q:  How soon should I book our session?
A:  I'd like 2-3 weeks notice (or more) if possible.  That will give us time to plan your session and time for you should you need to order clothing.  If booking a  newborn session, let me know before baby is here.  If baby has arrived, it's crucial that I have baby in before he/she is 14 days of age. 

Q:  When do we get to see our images?
A:  We'll schedule your viewing session to follow your portrait session within 1-2 weeks.

family & children session questions

Q:  Can parents or a sibling be in a picture?
A:  Of course!  I totally understand how important it is to have pictures of your family with your new baby.  It's wild how older siblings suddenly seem so grown up next to their new best friend. There is an extra fee for siblings and/or family members.

I recommend that a family member bring the older sibling when we're nearing the end of the newborn pictures.

Q:  When should I have Newborn Pictures done?
A:  Newborn pictures are best done before baby is 14 days of age, preferably within 5-10 days of birth.  Contacting me BEFORE baby is here is ideal!

Q:  Do I need to bring anything?
A:  A few items will help the session flow smoothly!  A pacifier, bottle with plenty of milk (if bottle is used), extra diapers, and a blanket.  Laurie has everything else including swaddle wraps, headbands, hats, and props to make your session uniquely yours.  Once we schedule your session, I'll email you a Newborn Parent Prep Guide that will help you prepare for your session.

Q:  Do you provide the cute hats and headbands?
A:  YES!  I have acquired high quality, beautiful props, headbands, hats, and newborn outfits in just about every color imaginable.  If your baby has a nursery, I'll ask for pictures so I can coordinate colors.  Everything you see in my pictures is here to help us create your beautiful images.

Q:  How long does a newborn session last?
A:  Plan on 1 1/2 hours - 2 1/2 hours.  Your baby is in charge of this session!  Those sleepy baby pictures sometimes take a little time.

To newborns

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newborn questions

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To seniors

Q:  What is a web-quality image?
A:  This is an image sized for display on the web.  It also has my logo/watermark in the corner. It's a version of the same image I use to print your Wall Portrait or other products, however it's optimized for displaying on the web.  To translate, this means your web quality images are a smaller resolution which means they load online very quickly!  They are not appropriate for printing.

Q:  How do I view my pictures?
A:  About 1-2 weeks following your session we will schedule your premier viewing and ordering session where we will present all of your proofs to you, and walk you through all of the collections and a la carte options to find out what best suits your needs. We will also show you all the beautiful heirloom products that are available for you so you can pick out what you love!

Q:  How long does my session last?
A:  Most sessions are usually 1.5-2 hours giving you plenty of time to fit in at least 3-4 outfits (depending on the session you choose.)

Q:  How far in advance should I schedule my session?
A:  The earlier the better since that will give us time to order all of your portraits, announcements, etc.  Fall is a beautiful - and busy -  time in my photography business so the sooner we can get you on my calendar, the better.  Spring is also beautiful and a popular time of the year for senior pictures!

Q:  If we're on location, where do I change my clothes?
A:  Be prepared to turn your car into a dressing room! Most of the locations I use are private but feel free to bring a towel or blanket to cover up with between changes. 

Q:  Should I get my hair and makeup done?
A:  I want you to not only look, but also feel your best which is why my answer to that is YES, if you so desire. There are some amazing professional makeup artists & hair stylists I can refer you to.  Or, feel free to bring your own hair and makeup ideas.  Either way we want to ensure you look oh so amazing!

Q:  How many outfits can I have?
A:  This will depend upon which session you choose.  We'll discuss the options at your consultation and choose what's perfect for YOU.

Q:  What if the weather is bad on the day of my session?
A:  Living in the Eastern Sierras, we know how quickly the weather can change!  I'll keep a good eye on the weather, especially on the wind speed, and will notify you asap if we do have to reschedule.  Rain and wind are a photographer's worst enemy, however a cloud cover makes for marvelous lighting.  If it's colder than 50 degrees out, we'll consider rescheduling since you (nor I) care to be shivering!  

Q:  What is a "pre-shoot consultation" appointment?
A:  This is a short meeting where you'll come to my studio prior to your scheduled session so we can get to know each other a little bit and plan out your photo session.  We'll discuss clothing choices, location choices, and I want to know what big plans you have once you graduate!

Q: What should I wear?
A: Your photos should reflect YOU so select some of your favorite (nice!) clothes and bring them to your session on hangers, wrinkle free. The only thing I do suggest is to avoid patterns as they can be distracting and also avoid trendy logos or sayings unless it’s your future college of course! I'm always here to give suggestions, and we can discuss clothing choices in more detail at your pre-shoot consultation appointment.

Q:  What should I wear?
A:  Your photos should reflect YOU so select some of your favorite (nice!) clothes and bring them to your session on hangers, wrinkle free.  The only thing I do suggest is to avoid patterns as they can be distracting and also avoid trendy logos or sayings unless it’s your future college of course!  I'm always here to give suggestions, and we can discuss clothing choices in more detail at your pre-shoot consultation appointment.

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