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"A photograph is just a picture but a portrait has a voice that speaks to the heart."

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Thank you for stopping in!  I am a Family, Child, Newborn, and Senior Portrait Photographer located in beautiful Bishop, California.   I am inspired by connections and love found within each family and the unique personalities of individuals.  I love to see you smile together, and I even thrive on the challenges that photographing humans brings.

Today will be just a memory when the sun comes up tomorrow.  My goal is to capture you in your journey today so that you can relive it in all of your tomorrows.

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Your story begins with you...

Life has a way of going too fast. Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, months into years. Before we know it our little toddler is a teenager, our graduate is suddenly a young adult. We fall in love. We start a family. We become parents and grandparents. Sometimes we say goodbye to a loved one. The seasons of our lives are predictable yet unpredictable. The days, weeks, months, and years get shorter. Another year passes, we tell ourselves. And indeed, it has. With each new day we are living and creating our own stories. Walking our own journey. Intertwined with friends, family, and loved ones.

Where your story begins...

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Give me a call or complete the contact form below so we can connect.  There are some things I'll want to learn about you and your portrait needs before we get you scheduled.  If it's a Newborn session, please contact me either BEFORE your baby arrives or as soon as he/she is here.  Read more important information about a Newborn Session by clicking here.

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I'm so glad you found me!  There's much to discover here.  I hope you'll spend a few minutes browsing the images, the details, learning a little about me, and finding answers to any questions you may have.  Ultimately, I hope you choose me to be your photographer, it's the greatest compliment I can receive.

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